4 Easy Math Tricks That Will Shock Your Students

boy is shocked reading math book

Most children have a hard time understanding the basic principles of math. As a result, they might become unwilling to put any effort into learning math or find it very boring. Fortunately, this is something that you address by teaching them several math tricks to make the subject more exciting.

With these learned math-related tricks, your child will get to improve their calculation skills and problem-solving techniques.

Here’s an overview of 4 easy and fun math tricks that you can teach your students.

#1: Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers By 11

Multiplying numbers by ten is often regarded as one of the simplest calculations as it simply entails adding zero at the end. But multiplying a number by 11 is equally as easy as it’s adding the two digits together and then placing the sum at the center.

For example, let’s assume you’re multiplying 36 by 11. In this scenario, you should add the two numbers three and six to get a total of 9. You should then place this total at the center of three and six to arrive at the final answer, 396.

#2: Multiplying By Nine

Another simple math trick you can teach your students is multiplying a number by 9. This trick involves first multiplying the number by 10, and after that, subtracting the original number.

For example, let’s say you want to multiply 15 by 9. You’ll need to start by first multiplying 15 by 10 to arrive at 150, and then subtracting 15 to arrive at the final answer of 135. With such a simple trick, math couldn’t get any easier.

#3: Squaring Numbers Ending In 5

This math trick applies to all two-digits numbers that are ending with 5. For this trick, you need to remember that all the calculations’ answers will end with 25. After that, you should then multiply the first digit with the subsequent greatest number. Sounds confusing? Not anymore, thanks to this illustration that makes it clearer.

Let’s say you’re squaring 35, the first step should be multiplying 3 by 4, if squaring 45 should be multiplying 4 by 5 and the trends goes on like this.

When squaring 35, the first answer after multiplying 3 by 4 will be 12, and then add 25 after that to arrive at the answer of 1225.

#4: Dividing A Number By 10, 100 or 1,000

This simple math trick is no doubt one of the simplest as it involves moving the decimal point by one point to the left of the original number. When dividing by 100, it requires you to move the decimal by two spots, and for 1,000 moving it by three places.

For example, if you’re dividing 6452 by 10, the answer should be 645.2. When dividing by 100 and 1,000, you should get 64.52 and 6.452, respectively.


Math tricks are can help your students do some calculations faster and more easily. In addition, it improves their grasp of this subject, which will be crucial in their future life.