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Who We Are

Math Facts Matter is a division of Schoolware, Inc. — an educational software development company based in Durant, Oklahoma.

The president and CEO of Schoolware, Inc., Kathy Robinson, greatly values and understands the role teachers play in every student’s life. Her background in education as an award-winning teacher, and her heart for helping both students and teachers with their educational needs led her to start Schoolware, Inc.

What We Do

Our team develops software solutions to aid students in achieving optimal math fact fluency.

With skilled programmers, designers, and a dedicated team of researchers, we strive to provide the tools, resources, and practice your classroom needs for effective, beneficial math education in 2019 and beyond.

Our Mission

We aim to help both teachers and students achieve their mathematic goals by providing fun, effective, and fast math fact fluency solutions that teachers can easily implement in their already busy schedules.

Our solutions encourage independent math learning in students. This empowers and motivates students to do their personal best, in addition to giving teachers extra time during their day.

Why Do Math Facts Matter?

The mathematical success of your students depends upon acquiring computational math fact fluency during their formative years.

Students who do not have computational math fluency will struggle with mathematics for the rest of their school years as they tackle tougher subjects, and also in adulthood where basic math skills are essential to thrive. This could potentially impact their performance or employability and result in a reliance on technology to address their mathematical handicap.

math facts fluency levels title
Math Fact Fluency Levels

The Gateway to Algebra

Using the Math Facts Matter Learning System, your students rapidly master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Each Math Facts Matter level is designed to enable students to achieve optimal computational fluency before progressing to more difficult levels.

Click here to learn more about the Math Facts Matter Levels.

When you use our math fact solutions regularly with your students, you will see your student’s math scores and understanding of math improve.

Solutions for School and Home

Our online software can be used with any public, private, or homeschool curriculums. It is easy to work into your existing routine, as it requires little time, no preparation, and promotes independent learning amongst students, while strategically embedding the math facts into their long-term memory.

With mobile-friendly solutions, that are compatible with modern browsers and works across devices, learners can practice their math fact fluency in the classroom, at home, or on the go.  

About Schoolware Inc.

For nearly 20 years, Schoolware, Inc. has been honored to provide educational solutions for schools and teachers across the country.

With decades of experience, proven research, and a dedication to serving the educational field, you can trust the team at Schoolware, Inc. to deliver the results you need.

About Kathy Robinson

For some, education is a profession, but for most teachers, it is a calling. As a child, Kathy Robinson consistently desired to be only two things when she grew up – somebody’s mother and everybody’s teacher.

As a classroom instructor, Title 1 teacher, gifted and talented director, technology coordinator, and the various other positions Kathy held; she personally saw the power technology has to change the lives of the learners in our care. She also learned how to compensate for the limitations within technology by tapping into the only constant educational resource, the classroom teacher! Learn more about Kathy here.

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