About Us

Solutions For Teachers, By Teachers.

About Math Facts Matter

Math Facts Matter is an educational software company that provides tools to assist learners of all ages achieve math fact fluency in school, classroom, and home environments. 

Headquartered in Durant, Oklahoma, Math Facts Matter, a division of Schoolware, Inc., provides both online and on-site training for teachers, as well as on-site math facts fluency tutoring for students who need additional assistance. 

REI Oklahoma Headquarters

Our headquarters is located at REI in Durant, Oklahoma.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help both students and teachers achieve their mathematics goals by providing fun, effective, and fast math fact fluency solutions.

With busy teachers and packed schedules in mind, we aim to provide solutions that take as little class time as possible, while still providing an effective and long lasting educational experience.

We strive to develop ways to encourage independent math learning in students so they can be empowered and motivated to do their personal best, while giving teachers extra time to focus on other tasks.

Our Methodology

Save Time and Money by Tackling the Problem at its Source

Science-backed Solutions

Our products implement proven science-backed strategies and techniques to improve memory and recall of math facts.

The 7 Levels of Math Fact Fluency

Math Facts Matter levels are designed to enable students to achieve optimal computational fluency as quickly as possible.

Multi-Sensory Approach

Our multi-sensory approach is affirmed by research as the best time-saving strategy to achieve long-term storage of math facts.

Our Team

President and CEO of Schoolware, Inc.