Grades K to 6

Countdown Teacher Tools

Countdown is the missing link
in Math Fact Fluency!

Easy Whole Class Practice

No Prep! Works great with white boards!

Takes Less Than 3 Minutes a Day!


Countdown is designed and developed to use proven
multi-sensory memory techniques appealing to the sentinel lobes for long-term storage as they filter distractions from the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe then readily and rapidly retrieves stored facts using visual, tactile and auditory cues. The see, hear, say, and write multi-sensory memory method provides students with F3 (fearless fact fluency).

Enrich your current math fact fluency investment with Countdown

The Multi-Sensory Practice and Assessment Tool Every School Needs

Great Features…

Intuitive, Easy to use Interface

Target and/or Exclude Facts

Save, Edit and Delete Assignments

Sound Effects, Mobile Friendly

Printable Answer Key

Pause and Resume Controls

Free Automatic Updates and Technical Support

Countdown demo

Countdown is the easiest tool providing whole-class direct instruction of math facts. Do it in less than 3 minutes, guaranteed!

Discover more about the missing link in math fact fluency…

Liberate young developing minds to process and apply mathematical understanding.

Countdown Teacher Tools
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