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Achieve Math Fact Fluency in Just 3 Minutes a Day!

With Multi-sensory methods, you can help your students achieve math fact fluency in the fastest and easiest way possible using…

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What is Countdown?

Countdown is a digital flash card tool that utilizes powerful memory and recall strategies.

Designed to help students focus and remember math facts with short, daily practice sessions, you will quickly see how effective and convenient this tool really is.

Countdown helps students memorize math facts quickly using proven multi-sensory strategies.

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Conduct whole class practice and testing easily!

Daily 3-minute practice sessions develop student mastery in math fact fluency. Enrich your current math fact fluency investment with Countdown without replacing proven curriculum content.

Use Countdown in the classroom or at home!

Display it on a whiteboard or a screen-sharing platform for your whole class. Assign student independent practice through the Countdown Mission Portal. Print lesson specific study materials, flash cards, and game cards.

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Get Results With Multi-Sensory Practice!

visual cues

The uncluttered view and fun animations help developing minds visually capture and store facts.

tactile cues

Students both say and write each fact, establishing stronger recall of stored facts via tactile cues.

auditory cues

A chime sounds as the fact appears, prompting students to recall stored facts using auditory cues.

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Get Results Fast With Countdown!

Get the Proven Strategies and Tools You Need

Countdown is a unique tool that helps boost your students’ math fact recall using multi-sensory methods. Teachers control parameters for targeted facts, display time, whole-class or individual practice, test sessions, and more.

Teachers using Countdown facilitate strong memory building. Using visual, auditory, and tactile cues, students can rapidly recall facts with little effort. Customized study materials and flash cards are available.

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