Grades K to 6

Countdown Teacher Tools

Countdown is the missing link
in Math Fact Fluency!

This tool links cognitive strategies and student practice together!

With Countdown, teachers can easily implement multi-sensory practice and conduct weekly assessments in just a few clicks!

Easy Whole Class Practice

No Prep! Works great with white boards!

Takes Less Than 3 Minutes a Day!

Enrich your current math fact fluency investment with Countdown

The Multi-Sensory Practice and Assessment Tools Every School Needs

In Practice mode, selected math facts appear on the screen. Students use multi-sensory strategies to store the facts in long-term memory. This daily practice activity only takes about 3 minutes!

Test your students each week with the Test mode. As the facts appear, students write down the answers. When the test is completed, students may correct their own work or an answer key is provided for easy grading!

It works great for…

Classes of All Sizes

Special Education Classes

Remedial Classes

Summer School

and more!

School administrators love Countdown as a great tool for monitoring school success.


Countdown is designed and developed to use proven
multi-sensory techniques and teaching methods to dramatically
assist learners in achieving math fact fluency.

Liberate young developing minds to process and apply mathematical understanding.

Program Features

Easy to Use

Intuitive Interface

Target and/or Exclude Facts

Save, Edit, and Delete Assignments

Easily Shuffle Fact Order

Printable Answer Keys

Sound Effects

Pause and Resume Controls

Mobile Friendly

Free Automatic Updates

Free Technical Support

Countdown is the easiest way to practice math facts. Do it in less than 3 minutes, guaranteed!

Get those math facts into young minds quickly and easily. Target specific facts using a multi-sensory approach appealing to the occipital, temporal and parietal lobes of the cerebrum.

Visual, auditory, and tactile cues help students recall known facts without putting a burden on processing memory.


Long-term memory is the best place to hold and release math facts until they are called to the frontal lobes.

With Countdown, teachers free young developing minds to process and apply mathematical understanding without dropping information. Known facts orient young learners preparing them to move fluidly on the number line.

Get those facts into long-term memory with Countdown!


Using the assessment feature in Countdown helps students take ownership of unknown facts and encourages practice.

Countdown is an easy, reliable method teachers use to measure and monitor math fact progression.

Follow these easy steps to determine the rate of rapid recall taking place in your classroom:

  1. Identify the fact group you want to measure.
  2. How many facts in that group do you want to test?
  3. How many seconds will each fact display to the student.
  4. Save the assignment and run in Test mode.
  5. Once students complete the test, grade their papers with the printable answer key or…

Run the check answer mode and let students grade their own paper!

Administrators can monitor the teacher use of Countdown and conduct regular testing to measure student success with fact fluency in their building. This is a great tool to identify grades needing more practice.

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Countdown Teacher Tools
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