Educational software company launches free math fact computer game

Math Facts Matter’s ‘Space Challenge’ for grades 3 to adult puts new spin on math fact fluency

Durant, Okla. — Oct. 22, 2019 — Studies indicate that only 1 of 10 college students can pass a basic multiplication test. This contributes to mathematical failure and alarming drop-out rates in high school and at the collegiate level.

Space Challenge on Tablet

To address this, educational software company Math Facts Matter, a division of Schoolware, Inc., has released a free educational math fact game called “Space Challenge.” Space Challenge is a quick and easy math fact assessment tool for anyone in grades 3 to adult. Players answer a set of math facts, earning high scores with quick responses and competing to rank on the universal score chart. The fun, mobile-friendly challenge quickly benchmarks “F3,” or “fearless fact fluency” using colorful graphics, video, and an engaging storyline. Teachers can receive diagnostic reports for students by email.

Space Challenge and other Math Facts Matter products are designed to boost the math instruction of classroom teachers bogged down with educational and administrative tasks.

“Teachers today have to meet ever increasing demands, teaching more students and more curriculum in less time,” said Kathy Robinson, president of Schoolware, Inc. and Math Facts Matter. “In addition, they must balance direct instruction within ever-shrinking budgetary constraints.”

Robinson is a former classroom instructor, Title 1 teacher, gifted and talented director.

“The Math Facts Matter family of products, including Space Challenge, Countdown, Space LAB, and Blast Off!, can help contribute to fact fluency and alleviate the academic strain on teachers and students.”

Teachers can learn more about Space Challenge at

Parents can visit the Space Challenge website at home and let their children take the assessment at

Students who play Space Challenge will receive a score and advice on how to improve their math fact fluency. Children in grades 3 to 6 needing daily practice will benefit from the multi-sensory teaching tool Countdown. Designed for classrooms of all sizes and grades K to 6, Countdown helps students complete daily practice tailored to their needs in just three minutes a day. View a video about Countdown at

Educators can enrich their existing math fact fluency curriculum with this no-prep, affordable, daily practice tool. Teachers or parents interested in Countdown can recommend this tool to their school. Schools may qualify for a grant program with special pricing; details at

About Schoolware, Inc.

For nearly twenty years, Schoolware, Inc. ( has provided educational solutions for schools and teachers across the country. The company develops software solutions to help students achieve math fact fluency and other skills by providing the tools, resources, and practice every classroom needs for success in the 21st century.