Kathy Robinson

President and CEO of Schoolware, Inc.


For some, education is a profession, but for most teachers it is a calling. As a child, Kathy Robinson consistently desired to be only two things when she grew up – somebody’s mother and everybody’s teacher.

As a classroom instructor, Title 1 teacher, gifted and talented director, technology coordinator and the various other positions Kathy held; she personally saw the power technology has to change lives of the learners in our care.

She also learned how to compensate for the limitations within technology by tapping into the only constant educational resource, the classroom teacher.

The president and CEO of Schoolware, Inc., Kathy Robinson, greatly values and understands the role teachers play in every student’s life.

Her background in education as an award-winning teacher, and her heart for helping both students and teachers with their educational needs led her to start Schoolware, Inc.

"Without all the facts,
mathematics is an unsolved riddle."

― Kathy Robinson


Awards & Achievements

Dr. Fern Green-Bowling Diamond Award

Kathy Robinson, President of Math Facts Matter, with the Dream Big award.

Kathy Robinson was given the Dr. Fern Green-Bowling Diamond Award, which she received at REI’s 2018 Dream BIG Oklahoma event.

The award recognized Kathy's leadership and commitment to serving schools and teachers across Oklahoma through her business, Schoolware Inc.

Kathy Robinson, President and CEO of Math Facts Matter and Schoolware Inc. received the Dr. Fern Green-Bowling Diamond Award at REI’s 2018 Dream BIG Oklahoma event.

(Photo Credit: REI Oklahoma)

Transforming At Risk Schools to Schools Awarded for Excellency

After being identified as academically at-risk two years in a row, both elementary schools in the district where Kathy taught, won Title I Excellency awards the year they implemented a strategy for computational fluency.

The award was the direct result of correcting the absence of computational fluency within the student body.

With the support of classroom teachers and intentional, targeted instruction of math facts plus individualized lab practice, success was measurably significant and test scores proved it. Increasing computational fluency prepped students to embrace flexible thinking in mathematics.

After teaching nine years in the public school system, Kathy Robinson decided to offer her proven methods to other schools. Schoolware, Inc. was founded eighteen years ago.

"Standardized testing is a means of measurement, not a method for instruction."

― Kathy Robinson

Schoolware CEO Meets With President Bush

President Bush and Kathy

Kathy Robinson with President George W. Bush

Over the years, Kathy has won several awards and has even served at a round table with (now former) President George W. Bush.

She was recognized, on that special occasion, as one of Oklahoma's leading business women and was given the opportunity to meet with the President of the United States to discuss the importance of heathcare options for employees of small businesses.

"To implement systemic change in the business of education, you must empower the classroom facilitator."

― Kathy Robinson