blast off into math facts fluency

BLAST OFF is a powerful diagnostic and practice tool for mastering math facts. It is a favorite among both teachers and students...even adult learners!

      Meaningful, targeted, and distributed practice

      Establish benchmarks and measure gains

      Effortless preparation

countdown math facts matter software

The COUNTDOWN teacher tools make classroom practice easy! The quick quiz measures progression and motivates home practice. Administrators consider the quick quiz a great tool for monitoring school success.

      Easy, no prep      Takes less than 3 minutes      Works great with whiteboards

space lab

Space LAB activities address multiple learning styles. Activities are self-paced and self-graded removing the pressure of time and scrutiny.

Choose from a variety of activity types, including benchmarks, fact practice, games, word problems, and more!

Our fun and mobile-friendly assessment will quickly assess your students' fast fact fluency (F3) in less than 4 minutes!

Receive a free report that gives you the list of facts your students get correct, hesitate to answer, and miss. They can also post their score to our high scores chart to see how they rank nationally.

Kids love to play with these game boards! With their colorful graphics and ease of play, students of all ages can challenge their friends or classmates in a mathematics race to the finish.

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