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Why Students Struggle with Math

Over the last fifty years, the methods for teaching mathematics have changed.

In the past, most 6th graders were expected to pass a multiplication test at 60 ppm. Now, students are no longer able to meet this expectation, which is impacting their long-term success in mathematics.

What is math fact fluency and why do students need it?

Math fact fluency is the ability for students to rapidly answer basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.

Students who do not have computational math fluency will struggle with mathematics for the rest of their school years as they tackle tougher subjects, and in adulthood where basic math skills are essential to thrive.

This could potentially impact their performance or employability and result in an over-reliance on technology to address their mathematical handicap.

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Science-backed Solutions

Using the Math Facts Matter Learning System, your students rapidly master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Our products implement proven science-backed strategies and techniques to improve memory and recall of math facts.

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The 7 Levels of Math Fact Fluency

Math Fact Fluency Levels

Each Math Facts Matter level is designed to enable students to achieve optimal computational fluency before progressing to more difficult levels.

Using the Math Facts Matter solutions regularly with your students results in improved math scores and a better understanding of math.

Multi-sensory Approach

The Math Facts Matter’s multi-sensory approach to learning math facts and developing fluency is affirmed by research as the best time-saving strategy to achieve long-term storage of math facts.

With Math Facts Matter you will discover math fact solutions that work for elementary schools, at the collegiate level, and in the workforce.

What teachers are saying about Math Facts Matter solutions…

“I have been fortunate to have the Math Facts Matter program for many years, and I can’t say enough good things about it. My students are excited about using the program and constantly beg to get online. They love it! I love it because they are learning their facts and enjoying it. They have shown great progress in mastering their facts unlike any other program we have tried. Plus, it is a program they can utilize at home. I have had several parents comment on their children using the program at home and how their child did not want to stop working when they asked them to!”

Michelle Stone, Technology Coordinator
Eastward Elementary School Colbert Public Schools (Colbert, Oklahoma)

“We first piloted Math Facts Matter in our summer program. The students were actively engaged and on task while working with the program. Math Facts Matter was designed to teach the mastery of math facts to the automatic level through a series of tasks and corresponding rewards. We currently use this program three days a week in our first through sixth grades. We know students are engaged because they ask for more practice time. Because the program is providing a new source for students to obtain fact mastery, teachers like to use it. We believe the Math Facts Matter program is well grounded in child/student development based on available research. We also feel it is in alignment with Oklahoma PASS and will provide students with the skills necessary to perform successfully on state-mandated tests.”

Bill Austin, Superintendent
Denison Public School (Idabel, Oklahoma)