“This product makes the math experience fun, positive, and so easy to learn in a short time.”
Deborah Collins
Student Support Services Advisor
Grayson County College Denison, TX

Only about 1 of 10 college students can pass a basic multiplication test at 40 ppm.*

Over the last fifty years, the methods for teaching mathematics have changed. In the past, most 6th graders were expected to pass a multiplication test at 60 ppm. Now here in 2018, students are no longer able to meet this expectation, and Math teachers and professors are rightfully concerned this is impacting their success in mathematics.

The Math Facts Matter multi-sensory approach is affirmed by research as the best timesaving strategy to achieve long-term storage of math facts.

Our strategies and tools address the math fact fluency deficit of all learners from early to adult. 

The Math Facts Matter solutions are successful in the traditional classroom. They also readily adapt for special education, alternative education, intervention, and remediation. Math Facts Matter is designed to help adult learners prepare for GED, college math, and the workforce.

*DeMaioribus, C. (2011). “Automaticity of Basic Math Facts: The Key to Math Success?” Masters Thesis, University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN.

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