How to Complete Math Fact Missions

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Note: You must have an active subscription to access Blast Off! and be logged in as a student. 

1. Login to your student account. As soon as you are logged in, you will see the mission panel.

2. Your teacher will tell you which math fact levels to select and which families you need to practice.

To select them, click on the buttons for the operation and level you have been assigned. Selected fact levels will turn blue. Click them again to deselect them.

If your teacher wants you to focus on certain fact families, select them from the dropdown. 

3. Set the maximum number of facts your teacher wants you to practice by using the slider and moving the handle to the left until the right number is shown. Once you are ready, click the “Next” button. 

4. Blast Off! will begin and it is your goal to answer each fact correctly within 3 seconds.

If you do not answer in time or you give the wrong answer, the correct answer will flash 3 times before going to the next fact. Any facts that you get wrong will appear in the 2nd round. If you get them wrong again, they will appear in the 3rd round.

5. After the 3rd round, the facts you missed will be displayed.

6. After reviewing the facts you missed, click on the “Next” button to see your report. 

If you answer all the math facts correctly in the 1st round, the 2nd and 3rd rounds will be skipped and you will be shown your report.

7. Your mission is now complete.

You can then either click “MISSION PANEL” at the top to select another mission, or you can logout or exit out of the program.