How to Create a Countdown Assignment

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Note: You must have an active subscription to access Countdown. 

1. Login to your teacher account. You should see the Countdown page as soon as you are logged in.

If you have never created a countdown session before, you should see something like below.

After you have created a Countdown assignment, you will no longer be prompted to create one and will instead see something like the screenshot below.

If you have previously created an assignment, click on the red “Edit” button to make changes to it. 

2. Check the box next to the math fact levels you want your students to practice or to be tested on.

To learn more about the Math Facts Matter Levels, click here.

In addition to selecting from the math fact levels, you can narrow your selection down by fact families. Just click on the drop down and select the families you want. 

Once you’ve made your selection, click on the blue next button.

3. You will now be given the option to set how you want the facts displayed (in a horizontal or vertical view, or both), how many facts you want, set how long the facts are shown for, and turn on/off test mode. 

Once you are done setting all the options you want, scroll down to click on the blue “Preview” button to save it.

4. You should now see a message saying that the assignment was saved successfully.