How to Login

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The following tutorials will explain how to access the Math Facts Matter platform. Teachers and students have different login portals. You will find the steps and screenshots below explaining how to access the system through each portal.

Administrators and Teachers

1. Open the teacher portal page by going to

math facts matter teacher portal login screen

2. Check the box next to “Login as faculty” below the big Math Facts Matter logo. Then enter in your school code, teacher number, and password. Next, click on the large purple Login button.

math facts matter teacher portal login credentials

3. You will then see your user homepage which varies depending on your account type (admin, teacher, or student) and the products you are subscribed to. Teachers with access to Countdown will see something like below.

math facts matter teacher user homepage with countdown



1. Open the student portal page by going to

Teacher’s Note: If you want students to complete only one assignment (or mission) and do not want them to access the links on the top toolbar, you can have them access the program without it by directing them to login at

Blast Off! student login portal

2. Enter in your school code, teacher number, and your name. Your name must be entered the same way each time you access the system. You do not need a password to login as a student. Once you’re ready, click the large Login button.

Blast Off! student login information example

3. Once you are logged in, you will see your Mission Panel where you can select your assigned math facts mission.

Blast Off! student mission panel