How to Run a Practice Session

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Note: You must have an active subscription to access Countdown. 

1. Login to your teacher account. You should see the Countdown page as soon as you are logged in.

2. Create a Countdown assignment or edit an existing one that you want your students to do.

You can view the answer key to see the facts that they will be presented (just press the browser’s back button to return). If you would like them to be randomized, click the blue “Randomize” button. 

math facts matter countdown home

3. Once the assignment has been created and you are ready to have your students practice their math facts, ask your students to take out a sheet of paper or instruct them to say each math fact out loud with the answer.

For example, if 3 x 3 = 9 is displayed, they will write down the fact on the paper, or say “three times three equals nine”. 

4. Use a projector, SMART Board, Mondopad, or any other display your classroom has available to display the assigned math facts to the entire class. 

5. Once you are ready for the practice session to begin, just click the green “Start” button. The program will present all the math facts with the answers until the assignment is complete.

math facts matter countdown horizontal

If you need to pause it, you can at any time, just click on the “Pause” button, or if you need to stop the program, you can click on the “Home” link in the blue bar at the top. 

6. When all the facts have been presented, a popup will notify you that the assignment has been completed. 

7. Click “OK” on the popup to close it, then click on the “Home” link in the blue bar.