How to Search for Worksheets and Activities

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Note: You must have an active subscription to access Space LAB.

1. Login to your teacher account.

2. Click on Space LAB in the blue bar at the top. 

3. To perform a search, you are given several options to search through and sort the large collection of resources available to you. You can search by the following:

You can search for activities based on the name of the particular activity you are looking for. 

LAB Type
You can search by the type of resource it is. The options are as follows: Show All, Activity, Assessment, Cards, and Games. 

You can search by the 4 basic operations: +, -, x (*), and ÷ (/).

You can search by the Math Facts Matter Levels that go from 0 to 7. To learn more about the Math Facts Matter Levels, click here.

4. Once you have made your selections, click the green “Search” button to see the results. Any matching activities will be displayed. To perform another search, click the red “Reset Page” to reset all fields back to default.