Space LAB (Learning Arithmetic Basics) Math Fact Fluency Program

Grades K to 8

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Space LAB activities address multiple learning styles

Choose from a wide variety of activity types…

  • Benchmarks
  • Fact Practice
  • Lessons
  • Games
  • Bell Ringers
  • Dice, Dominoes, and Cards
  • Word Problems
  • Puzzles


Math fact games and fun activities aligned to levels, ready to share with peers. Activities are self-paced and self-graded removing the pressure of time and scrutiny.


Introducing math facts in a pre-algebraic view acquaints students with basic algebraic language, preparing them for the future. LAB activities are great for students ready to go above and beyond classroom peers.


Math Facts Matter levels the memory field by grouping 650+ facts into smaller groups or levels. Arithmetic problems aligned to a learner’s math fact mastery level conserves & concentrates cognitive memory for success in arithmetic and mathematics.

The Space LAB collection was developed to enhance math fact learning.

Promotes independent learning

The Space LAB contains thousands of no prep, self-grading, engaging and interactive math fact lessons and games aligned to Math Facts Matter levels and academic standards.

Each lesson includes an answer key for student facilitation and self-checking. Spend less time grading papers!

Build a LAB box full reusable activities

The LAB box has become a favorite among classroom teachers. Teachers print and laminate or sleeve activities with answer keys.  Instantly, you have write-and-wipe activities!

Filing your LAB Box activities in folders sorted in an easily accessible filing box provides a classroom resource where students can work independently and at their own pace.

Inserting game boards and other fun activities sporadically through the box motivates students to complete lessons in anticipation of partaking in the games.

Space LAB box in classroom

Fun 60-second activities for every fact level

Activities include benchmarks, math fact practice, lessons, games, ideas for student motivation, bell ringers, fun learning with dice, dominoes and cards, etc. New activities are added without any extra cost to you!

The lessons and activities can be sorted in a variety of ways making it easy to find appropriate items for your students.

The best thing about SPACE LAB is it meets the needs of students at every level of math fact and computational fluency.

Prepares students for testing and algebra

As students become complete the daily Space LAB activities, they will gain the confidence and skills they need to pass standardized tests, quizzes, and other math benchmarks.

Teachers are surprised at how easily students learn their math facts while they moderate and facilitate math fact learning instead of drilling fruitless math practice.

Space LAB transforms math facts from a chore or source of anxiety to something they truly enjoy.

girl pass math test

Use the Space LAB (Learning Arithmetic Basics) to help your students build the math fact foundation they will use for a lifetime!

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Game Boards

Fact fluency in only 4 Steps!

In Step One, students learn, understand and accept our numerical system cognitively. 

In Step Two, students store facts in long-term memory through visual, auditory and tactile cues.  Playing games and completing the activities in Space LAB provides an opportunity for students to acquire known facts. 

In Step Three, students repeatedly practice arithmetic using known facts. Using visual, auditory and tactile cues they rapidly retrieve the facts from long-term memory to the frontal lobes. 

When this process is fluid, students retrieve the facts for problem-solving without consuming problem-solving resources to figure facts.

Finally, Step Four is computational fluency and is where we always really wanted to go. Fact fluency is only part of the path in getting to computational fluency but is a very significant part of the process. 

With computational fluency, students become oriented on the number line, and can readily move in a fluid way both forward and backward on the number line.

Young learners over time develop an intuition about problem-solving as they select which operation will best move them on the number line. We can give mature learners fact fluency, but student intuition regarding mathematics is much harder for them to acquire as mature learners.

Following the levels of Math Facts Matter in a prescribed way helps students of any age develop number line orientation and mathematical intuition by sending them forward (addition or multiplication) then backward (subtraction or division) on the number line. 

Follow-up includes problem-solving activities such as word problems, pre-algebraic activities, mathematical puzzles and riddles.

As an example, good practice includes student mastery of Level+0 (sums to five) then Level -1 (inverse of sums to five). With these known facts, students are anchored on the number line. They should then problem-solve (word problems, etc.) using these known numbers. 

Space LAB simplifies this process for busy teachers! Order via the button below, and contact us today with any questions you have.

Space LAB simplifies this process for busy teachers!


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