Why Every Teacher Should Be Benefiting From Our Blast Off! Math Fact Solution

Thanks for tuning back in to the Math Facts Matter blog! Today, we’re going to continue our series on the math fact solutions we provide by talking about the next in the series — our Blast Off! program. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Blast Off!?

In short, our Blast Off! math fact solution serves as a practice tool for your students, and a diagnostic tool for you. Blast Off! is accessed through any modern web browsing platform, and provides a practice opportunity for your students. This practice helps retain the math facts they’ve learned, and also works to hasten the rate at which they are able to retrieve these math facts as they do their work. 

On your side of the equation, you can utilize the assessment mode to track your students’ progress, locate math facts that need practice, and assess the overall status of your class as a whole. Plus, this math fact solution can be used in the classroom, at home, or really anywhere pupils can access the internet! This means that it’s an accessible way to administer math fact practice, not to mention, students looking for further practice are able to satiate that urge outside of school. 

In summary, Blast Off! serves those participating in it by providing them essential practice that will solidify their understanding of math facts over time, and it serves teachers by providing a resource that allows them to identify where students are excelling, where students are struggling, and where students simply need more instruction — it’s honestly invaluable! 

Who Should Use Blast Off!?

While you may be under the impression that Blast Off! is reserved for students in elementary school, that’s not the case! Blast Off! is actually intended to serve learners from  age three, to adult learners in need of math fact practice, or who are simply looking to sharpen their skills. 

In fact, there are some particular classrooms outside of the elementary school who should be taking advantage of this awesome asset from Math Facts Matter.

Remedial Math Classes

Chances are, most students in remedial math never have had a formal math fact education! So using Blast Off! will be their first introduction to the concept. That being said, this accessible, engaging, and fun practice medium will help students get excited about their math practice, and also provide them with the math facts that could be the epiphany they need to finally grasp the mathematical concepts they struggle with. 

Soon-To-Be College Students And Current College Students

Surprisingly, many college students struggle with basic math skills! So Blast Off! could serve as the needed, missing component to prepare students to crush entrance exams, or to enable students to feel more confident in their collegiate studies.

Adult Classrooms

From incarcerated students to adults pursuing the GED to adults who simply want to build a better foundation in arithmetic, Blast Off! can be a perfect solution. From the easy-to-navigate interface to the engaging practice, they’ll be stimulated and happy to get the extra practice.

Math Facts Matter

Our math fact solutions were created to help you, the teacher. We know firsthand how hard it is to be a teacher, and we want to help! If you think our math fact solutions are perfect for you, contact us today to learn about our subscription and to get started.