Why Every Teacher Should Be Benefiting From Our Countdown Solution

Hello, and welcome back to the Math Facts Matter blog. Today, we’re providing you with another blog discussing one of our incredible math fact fluency solutions. In our past blog, we discussed our Space Challenge solution that essentially serves as the foundation to our other math fact fluency solutions. 

Now, we’re going to dive into the next step of our math fact fluency solutions, Countdown. This math fact fluency solutions serves as the missing link of math fact instruction that will enable your classroom to better attack problems by effectively using math facts. 

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What Is Countdown?

As we mentioned above, our Countdown math fact fluency solution is essentially the step you’ve been missing with the application of math fact fluency strategies in your classroom. If you’ve been utilizing our Space Challenge, you’ve built a solid foundation of math fact knowledge in your students. 

You’re now able to identify where your students are struggling with their math fact retention, but you may not know how to dial in and effectively approach those math facts in a way that will help your pupils master them. 

That’s where the Countdown solution comes in. This solution is a whole-class activity that will work to instruct your students in a way that helps them understand and retain the math facts they’re studying. Countdown provides the tools you need to effectively instruct your class on particular math facts that they need to master.

A Multi-Sensory Assessment And Practice Tool

Our Countdown solution combines visual cues, auditory cues, and tactile tools to help students master the math facts you’re working on. These multi-sensory cues trigger the occipital, temporal, and parietal lobes in the cerebrum, which helps students retain the information they master.

In fact, these types of cues help for rapid retrieval of math facts from the brain! This combination of sensory cues also helps develop fearless fact fluency in your students. 

Easy And Fast To Use

Based on our experience and scientific backing, it’s no secret that classroom activities need to be engaging and quick as to stick in childrens’ brains and keep their attention. That’s why, like our other math fact fluency solutions, Countdown can be completed in under three minutes, and it boasts a visually engaging and fun user interface. 

It features awesome graphics and sound effects which work to trigger those visual and auditory cues in your students’ minds, and also contains spoken sections so your students can experience the tactile mouthfeel of the math facts you’re working on. 

Paired with the Countdown solution is a printable answer key, which can aid you or your students as you progress through the solution. Furthermore, it can also be paused as you progress through a session. While this is designed to be completed within three minutes, we also included features that allow you to approach Countdown at a pace that is best for your class.

Finally, this solution receives regular automatic updates, ensuring that it’s running as best as it can. What’s more, these routine updates regularly implement new and improved features to make your experience with Math Facts Matters’ solutions as great as it can possibly be. We also include an amazing tech support resource to help you work through any difficulties you may encounter along the way.

It’s Customizable To Your Class

This math fact instructional tool is also customizable to the needs and focus of your unique classroom. Obviously, no classroom and no student is going to have needs that are identical to the next, and it’s important that your teaching tools reflect that. While Countdown has some pre-loaded features and structures, you can alter them to fit your needs.

There is a solid chance that your class may be good to go with the Countdown layout that’s pre-existing, but more-likely-than-not, you’re going to have certain math facts that are mastered within your class and others that you’re class just can’t seem to tackle. 

In this instance, you can enter your teacher’s portal and adjust your Countdown experience to reflect your classroom. Choose math facts that you’d like to target, and exclude other math facts that your class doesn’t need to prioritize! 

From there, you can save your customized Countdown lesson, edit pre-existing lessons, and even delete lessons that have become obsolete! 

While Countdown is extremely effective and engaging for students at all age and knowledge levels, we’ve spent tireless hours ensuring that this solution is made to benefit you, the teacher. There’s no denying the benefits your students will experience simply by interacting with the lessons created within the Countdown solution. It’s the features and components we’ve integrated into the back end of this solution that we’re so extremely proud of.

Countdown is a tool for you to use to meet your students’ needs. It’s a vehicle for you to tailor to your class and change as your class’ needs change. By having the freedom to edit lessons, you’re able to facilitate growth in your students. Plus, when paired with our free benchmark assessment, Space Challenge, you can tailor Countdown lessons to the results and information you’ve gathered from Space Challenge statistics.

Want to work on increasing the speed at which your students solve problems using math facts? Target those problems they’re having trouble with in the Space Challenge. Want to double check how your students have been improving since you drilled a specific set of math facts? Target those facts through Countdown before administering another Space Challenge benchmark assessment — the possibilities are endless!

And finally, when you’re utilizing these solutions from Math Facts Matter, you’re joining a community of educators who can serve as a priceless resource when optimizing your use of Math Facts Matter solutions, or when overcoming a new obstacle as a teacher. 

Math Facts Matter

At Math Facts Matter, we’ve been working hard to create a resource that can astronomically assist both teachers and students! Between our free resources like Space Challenge, and our paid solutions like Countdown, we’re confident we’ve created a library of math fact fluency knowledge and tools that’s invaluable to any educator. 

If you’re interested in trying out our Countdown math fact solution, consider subscribing to Math Facts Matter. You’ll gain access to all of our incredible solutions and so much more! Not to mention, first-time Countdown users qualify to use Countdown in their entire school building for a full calendar year for as little as one cent per student, per day. 

It’s an offer too good to pass up! That being said if you do have any questions, or if you’d like to get started with Math Facts Matter, please contact us today!