Why Every Teacher Should Be Benefiting From Our Space Challenge

Hello, and welcome back to the Math Facts Matter blog. Today, we’re keeping it simple and talking about one of our math fact solutions, Space Challenge. Specifically, we’re going to cover why every teacher should be taking advantage of and benefiting from this awesome math fact resource fluency.

What Is Space Challenge?

Simply put, Space Challenge is an accessible and fast test designed to provide math fact fluency benchmarks for your students. It’s free, and it can be accessed on any web browser. This means that your students can participate in the space challenge from tablets, mobile devices, computers, and more. 

Within the Space Challenge program, your students will sign into their Math Facts Matter accounts and take the Space Challenge test in less than five minutes! During these five minutes, your students will go on a math mission that features a riveting storyline, incredible voice acting, and captivating graphics and animations. 

Once your students have completed the Space Challenge, you can log into your teacher’s portal and see their results. For each student, you’ll be able to see which math facts they’ve mastered, which math facts they’re struggling with, and which math facts they’ve missed, which will then identify which math facts you need to focus as a class. What’s more, our Space Challenge will also provide information on each student, how many Problems Per Minute (PPM) they completed as well as how many Seconds Per Problems (SPP), or the average of how many seconds were spent on each problem.

After you’ve successfully utilized the Space Challenge program, it doesn’t stop there! As a teacher, you can continually use this expert assessment as much as you want or need — even if you don’t have a subscription with Math Facts Matter. By using the Space Challenge, you’ll be able to keep tabs on how your class is doing with their Math Fact Fluency journey.

Plus, if you choose to utilize the paid resources we offer, by having a file of Space Challenge data on your students, you’ll be able to seamlessly transition into the other solutions we offer, getting a comprehensive and customized math fact fluency system for your unique classroom. 

Why Use Space Challenge?

We touched on this briefly above, but there are so many awesome benefits that the Space Challenge offers to teachers and students alike. 

For Students

For students, the Space Challenge offers so much. For one, they’ll have accessible practice and assessment for their math facts. This means they can keep tabs on their own progress, take the test when they want to reassess themselves, and they can use it as a resource to strengthen their math fact knowledge.

While all of your students may not have access to a web browser at home, the easily accessible format of Space Challenge makes it easy to boot up and complete during free time or a tech-lab session, so everyone can spend the time they need with it. 

Finally, it’s a fun and engaging program which means that your students will be excited to participate and practice their math fact fluency. Sure, we’ve been throwing around the word “assessment,” and while the Space Challenge is an excellent assessment tool, it’s also something that will be an enjoyable activity for your students.

For Teachers

For teachers, the Space Challenge is an invaluable tool. For one, it’s free. We know how pressed teachers are to provide their students with the education and materials they need to succeed. Space Challenge is a free resource that allows you to accomplish a few important tasks.

First and foremost, you get to assess your students and have an understanding of where they are and what they need with their math fact fluency — and you get to do this for free. Next, you’re able to build a foundation in regard to your class’ math fact fluency that you’re able to build on through further Math Facts Matter solutions or your own curriculum. 

And finally, you have an interesting, incentivized activity to entertain and enrich your pupils. On the base level, Space Challenge’s engaging interface and story will get your students invested. Going further, they’ll be incentivized to improve on their performance and compete with their friends. 

Math Facts Matter

At Math Facts Matter, we’re working hard to provide teachers with what they need — solutions. Solutions for teachers who need to develop math fact fluency in their pupils. We truly believe that a foundation of math fact fluency is not only essential to excel in mathematics, but also to excel in the real world. 

We want to create programs that help make the lives of teachers easier, and the resources available to students more accessible and digestible. 

Hopefully, this blog has helped clarify what our Space Challenge is and what it has to offer you and your students. If you’re interested in utilizing Space Challenge in your classroom, simply follow this link!

And if you’re interested in learning more about what we do and offer at Math Facts Matter, or if you’re interested in subscribing to Math Facts Matter to gain access to our diverse line of incredible math fact fluency solutions, contact us today to get started.