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The Universe’s Only Fun 5-Minute Math Fact Benchmark

Have your students go on an exciting space-themed math facts adventure with…

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What is Space Challenge?

Space Challenge is a quick 5-minute benchmark that tests your students’ math fact fluency.

With colorful graphics and video, sound effects, and a galactic quest, students embark on a space adventure to answer the set of math facts for a chosen operation.

For Classroom or Home

Teachers and homeschool parents will love the valuable insights Space Challenge provides.


Space Challenge works across devices so your students can play whenever and wherever they are.

Detailed Performance Reports

Space Challenge reveals recall, speed, and accuracy in mastered, missed, and hesitated facts.

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Why Teachers Love Space Challenge

Space Challenge provides you with detailed reports about your students’ math fact fluency.

Identify the facts your students need to practice and see how they stack up against their peers. With online individual reporting, you can save time by helping your student focus on learning unknown facts.

How Do Your Students Compare?

Every student that takes the Space Challenge enters into the Hall of Galactic Champions, a high score chart that displays their rank and score!

Performance Reports Reveal...

Problems Per Minute (PPM)

Seconds Per Problem (SPP)

Math Fact Mastery Percentage

Class and Student Averages

List of Facts for Targeted Practice

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Discover how your class and each student is doing, while learning exactly what math facts they haven't mastered yet!

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