Blast Off! Math Fact Fluency Program

Adaptive Independent Student Practice For All Ages

With Multi-sensory methods, you can help your students achieve math fact fluency in the fastest and easiest way possible using…

Blast Off

What is Blast Off?

Blast Off is an individualized practice tool that helps students master all of the facts in horizontal, vertical, and pre-algebraic view.

With short 15 minute practice sessions, your students can learn the facts in a fun and effective, stress-free way.

Blast Off uses specially designed levels and review rounds to enhance memory formation and recall.

Use Blast Off anywhere – at home or in the classroom!

Blast Off works across all modern devices, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Works for both online and in-person learning environments!

Whether you’re teaching online or in the classroom, Blast Off is easy to work into your existing curriculum.

See Blast Off in Action!

Why Teachers and Students Love Blast Off

Easy to setup and use

Students can create their own accounts

There are 54 badges to collect that show student progress

Real-time individual and class reports show current mastery levels

The NASA theme is both fun and encourages STEAM

Now available for school use!

Subscriptions starting as low as $12 a student per year!

Schools and districts may qualify for grants and volume discounts.
(833) GO-FACTS (833.463.2287) to learn more.

Blast Off