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What is Blast Off?

Blast Off is an individualized practice tool that helps students master all of the facts in horizontal, vertical, and pre-algebraic view.

With short 10 minute practice sessions, your students can learn the facts in a fun and effective, stress-free way.

Blast Off uses specially designed levels and review rounds to enhance memory formation and recall!

middle and high school students

Why Teachers Love Blast Off

Students achieve complete fluency of all operations in the horizontal, vertical, and pre-algebraic views.

Practice sessions take about 10 minutes on average, so it's easy to fit into busy schedules.

Class and student reports show level current level of math fact mastery and lists the facts students need to practice.

Multi-sensory methods, repetitive practice, and review rounds develop long-term memories that result in better retention and faster recall.

Works across all modern devices! All that is needed is a modern web browser and a steady internet connection. There are no apps or special programs to download or install.

Students earn badges for each level of mastery achieved, showing progress and providing encouragement for continued practice. 

Less screentime! Most kids are spending at least 4 hours a day on screen media, and that's before the pandemic! Blast Off requires less screentime than other practice programs, without sacrificing effectiveness. 

Blast Off uses video, sounds, and music, without distracting or overwhelming students. This helps students focus and makes it easier to run on older devices and slower internet! The space theme  also complements STEAM and science topics.

Why Students Love Blast Off

Students love Blast Off because it has feels more like a game than a tool for practice.

The short practice sessions prevent boredom and can give students more free time for other activities.

What Our Users are Saying

"I used Blast Off during the 20/21 school year as bell work with my 6th graders. Students came in everyday and would work on it for less than 10 minutes a day. The best part is the program allows each student to work at their level. I was impressed that students that worked with Blast Off daily showed a big improvement in their facts.

My students saw it as a game and would work hard to improve their scores. Students that struggle in math took pride in their score and would brag to me and other students. The students even started competing with their friends.

I look forward to using it next year with my students. It is hard to find things that work and that students really enjoy."

Marilyn Corbin
6th Grade Math Teacher
Marietta Middle School

Marietta, OK

"This is a great product that I use with my own daughter. It has helped her, as well as myself, so it really does work with all ages.

With it we can achieve faster and greater math fact fluency. Thanks to some teacher friends, I learned the importance of knowing the basic math facts when it comes to solving more complex math problems.

It makes it so my daughter isn't counting on her fingers all the time and is less reliant on a calculator, which is a BIG PLUS! 

I love that it's fast! It doesn't take long to do, so she spends less time on the computer and has more time for other activities. I also love that it teaches the math facts in a pre-algebraic format.

It really improves math fact recall, and fast. I've played it several times myself and found it really does work. It's really amazing! Thank you Math Facts Matter!"

Lisa L.
Homeschool Mom
Oklahoma, USA

"My class is eager to do this!"

Anonymous Teacher
Oklahoma, USA

"i love this app"

Anonymous Student
Oklahoma, USA

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