Blast Off!

Grades 3 to Adult

It is a favorite among both teachers and students, even adult learners!

With Blast Off! students can practice anytime, anywhere! 

There are no special apps or plugins to install. All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser!

Students simply login, select the math fact levels you assign, and Blast Off! into their practice session!

With just daily practice sessions in class or at home, your students can dramatically improve their math fact recall!

The assessment mode, enables you to see and track their progress, identifying which math facts they have mastered and need to work on.

Blast Off! is a powerful diagnostic and practice tool for mastering math facts!

Simple Annual Subscription Pricing

$15 per student for 1-5 learners 

$10 per student for 6-99 learners

$5 per student for 100-999 learners

$3 per student for 1000> learners

Online Family Value (Home Use Only)
Includes all household learners for $29/year

Student practice for anytime, anywhere.

Improves Rapid Recall Faster and Easier than Traditional Methods

Identify Trouble Facts for Every Student

Benchmark Students in Less than 10 Minutes

View Class and Individual Reports

Includes Charts for Longitudinal Comparison

Automatic Updates

Try it for 2 weeks for FREE!

Blast Off! is a favorite practice tool for mature and adult learners that never learned math facts. They prefer it because it is anywhere, anytime, and any device learning letting them practice with tablets and phones as well as computers.

Students appreciate the convenience of pulling out their phone anywhere and anytime practicing during free moments between classes, while waiting at the doctor’s office, standing inline or even right before turning in for the evening.

Blast Off! is also a diagnostic tool for learners from the 3rd grade to adult.

Teachers wanting to know which facts are unknown to students could never identify this information through flash cards or mad minutes.

By the time they collect and grade this information and return it to the student for practice, it is no longer applicable because student knowledge about facts is dynamic. That is actually good news. 

We hope the use of facts will increase known facts. However…

Only practice of known math facts will increase rapid recall of facts to the frontal lobes.

Identifying which facts to practice in games, activities, and study is the only way to target unknown facts. 

Blast Off! will identify unknown facts in less than ten minutes without taxing the teacher’s time!

Quickly Identify the Facts they Need to Practice

Writing facts is a great activity for eye-brain-hand coordination which helps students learn unknown facts. 

However, writing sevens ten times each whether you need to or not is not a good plan, especially if it is done for punitive reasons. But, writing the identified unknown facts (no more than five at a time please) three times each is highly effective, targeted and meaningful.

Let Blast Off! identify the unknown facts for your learners in less than ten minutes. 

Begin your session with a benchmark for all levels within an operation. This is a great idea for the beginning of the year or when a new student enrolls in your class. 

Provide students with motivation and/or opportunity to practice and benchmark them again. You will be surprised at how easily Blast Off! helps students learn math facts in ways that are easy for the student and easy for you! 

Blast Off! Includes class and individual reports and charts for longitudinal comparison and documentation proving your students know math facts and are prepared to learn high-rigor mathematics.

Perfect for High School Remedial Classes

Blast Off! is the first real opportunity many older learners have been given to learn math facts. 

Algebra courses can be very difficult in high school for students when they do not have fact fluency. Some adult learners are taking college Algebra for the third time!

Studies are suggesting we have a national math fact fluency crisis.

Only 1 out of 10 (10%) college students can pass a simple, basic multiplication test.*

*De Maioribus, C. (2011). “Automaticity of Basic Math Facts: The Key to Math Success?” Masters Thesis,University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN.

A Solution for College and Beyond

Most adult learners are motivated to complete college courses with the hope of making provision for them and their household through higher income. Therefore, the practice in Blast Off! is very meaningful to the older learner.

Older students recognize that daily distributed practice is much more effective than practice marathons. They also have the discipline and motivation to practice every day during brief moments of available time without stealing time from other activities such as employment hours or family time.

Blast Off! practice is targeted, allowing the learner to select the operation(s) and level(s) of practice that meets their individual need. 


  • Chosen by teachers and students as a powerful diagnostic and practice tool.
  • Students select operations and levels making practice more meaningful.
  • Identify individualized trouble facts in less than 10 minutes!
  • Prepare students for algebra and beyond!
  • With each practice session, students develop rapid recall in less time and effort than any other traditional method.
  • Students can use their own devices for daily distributed and targeted practice.


  • Benchmark students in less than 10 minutes!
  • Class and individual reports allow for quick comparison and easy assessment of progress.
  • Charts for longitudinal comparison over time. See their progress!
  • Learn which facts your students have mastered, hesitate on, and need to practice.
  • Effortless preparation!