Your School Grant Opportunities


(1 year subscription for entire building/site)

Be a Model School! With our Model School Grant, your school gets access to Countdown, Space Challenge, and unlimited training for 1 full year ($1,800 value) for just $300!


(Lifetime License for entire building – pay one time only)

New to Math Facts Matter? Apply for the First-Time User Grant and get lifetime access to Countdown, Space Challenge, and unlimited training ($18,000 value) for your school for only $3,000!

If you have questions about the grants we offer, contact us today.

Included Products

Countdown logo
Grades K-6

A Teacher Tool designed for direct instruction of fact fluency to the entire classroom in under 3 minutes using multi-sensory memorization. Countdown is the missing link in math fact fluency curriculum in most of today’s American classrooms. Learn More

Space Challenge logo
Grades 3 to Adult

The fun and competitive benchmark that quickly identifies the facts students need to practice! This is the only product that identifies mastered, hesitated, and missed facts. Learn More

Other Products

These products are currently not available in our grant program at this time. Our grants are subject to change, so please check back.

Space LAB logo
Grades K-8

A Library of Arithmetic Basics designed to support cognitive computation using strategies, manipulatives, and unique methods. Activities include games, bell ringers, puzzles, alignments, benchmarks and much more. Space LAB is used as whole classroom instruction, independent scaffolding, or with peer-to-peer learning. It is great for enrichment, intervention, tutorial, and after school/summer programs. Learn More

Blast Off! logo
Grades 3 to Adult

Designed to make retrieve and release easy and efficient. Blast-off! structures independent practice so it is targeted, distributive, and meaningful to students. Includes individual reports and class reporting making it easy to identify individual placement and class success. Learn More

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